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At Gawler Dental Clinic, we want all of our patients to enjoy a healthy, confident smile. We do our best every day by providing excellent service and quality dental care in a relaxing, compassionate environment. Our philosophy is to offer the best dentistry in the community, ranging from preventive care to full smile makeovers and oral rehabilitation—and everything in between.

We have also incorporated modern dental technology to enable our dentists to make more accurate diagnoses and to make treatment more comfortable for patients. Here are some of the ways we incorporate technology into our Gawler, SA dental clinic on a daily basis.

Digital X-Rays

Traditional film x-rays are no longer used in our dental surgery, having been replaced by more accurate, more efficient digital x-rays. Not only do these mean less radiation exposure for our patients—you are likely to encounter more radiation on a two-hour aeroplane flight or a jaunt in the Australian sunshine—but they provide accuracy and convenience.

Often patients wonder why x-rays are necessary. We like to take them periodically because x-rays are a crucial diagnostic tool when it comes to your preventive dental care program. With regular digital x-rays, our dentists can monitor changes in your oral health. We can also spot problems while they are still so small, they are invisible to the naked eye. The advantage of this? You can address dental issues while they are small, so treatment is usually quicker, less invasive and less expensive.

Digital x-rays are easily enlarged so we can home in on specific areas in question. The convenience of electronic transfer of digital x-rays means that we can get them to insurance companies or specialists, so needed treatment is less likely to be delayed.

Televisions in the Treatment Rooms

When you’re here in our dental clinic, we want you to be able to relax. With televisions in the treatment rooms, you can watch a favourite programme and take your mind off dental treatment.

Rotary Endodontics

Many people fear root canal treatment, but the reality is that it is a common treatment that can save your tooth from needing extraction. At Gawler Dental Clinic, we have the technology to make root canal therapy even more accurate and with better outcomes.

If you are experiencing an unbearable toothache and think you might need a root canal, treatment at our Gawler, SA dental clinic could relieve your pain and possibly save your tooth in the process—with better outcomes than ever before with rotary endodontics.

CEREC Crowns

In the past, getting a dental crown meant that we had to make moulds of your tooth using unpleasant materials. Then we’d provide you with a temporary dental crown for a couple of weeks while we waited for the laboratory to fabricate the dental crown. When your crown was ready, you returned for another dental appointment so we could place the crown.

We are pleased to offer CEREC, same-day dental crown technology to our patients. We can take a digital impression of your tooth, then send that to a machine located in our office where your dental crown is made—while you wait. There is no need to return to our dental clinic for a second dental appointment.

CEREC makes beautiful ceramic crowns with no metal, so there are no telltale grey margins along the gumline.

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